Air Force Betting Odds

Air Force Betting OddsThe Air Force Falcons football team has been around for decades. Representing the United States Air Force Academy in college football, the Air Force Falcon’s play football in the Mountain West conference. The Airforce is a team that’s had its ups and downs over the years but still plays hard on the field. Falcon’s fans can watch their team play in Falcon Stadium with a seating capacity of over 40,000. Some fans may want to watch the game, but others want to bet on it, too. Later on, in this article, we’ll talk about different ways that you can bet on the home team.

Sports betting in Colorado can become a lot more complicated than meets the eye if you aren’t sure what you are doing. This page will serve as a guide for betting on the Air Force Falcons, so you can be ready when they play their next football game. Having been a game away from the big dance, the Falcons are no strangers to high-stakes and hard play. We’ll help you navigate various types of wagers and even where you can bet on your team. With various offshore sites, some of which we’ll cover a little later, you can have the freedom to place bets on your team from wherever you have an internet connection. You may also soon have the ability to use a sports betting site operated from within Colorado’s borders to cash in on Air Force. We’ll cover all of this and more later in this article.

Best Websites To Bet On Air Force

While there are plenty of websites on the internets to place sports gambling bets, we want you to be safe when wagering through an online sportsbook. Betting on sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes among others, are safe and regulated offshore sportsbook sites that have been around for years. These sites have excellent customer service as well, making sure to make you free up any technical issues or other problems you may have that could keep you from placing your bets. We’ll talk about some great sportsbook’s sites below for Colorado sports betting and even some rewards that you could earn after signing up on the site.

Bovada Odds On Air Force

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the most trusted offshore sportsbook sites around. They have been around for over a decade and make sure to provide great customers service for players using the site. Bovada has a very sleek website appeal with an easy-to-find structure so you can get to the page you need to be fairly quick. The site also offers betting on horses and betting for sports that have just arrived to mainstream fans attention like mixed martial arts in The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization.

Looking to bet on your Air Force Falcons this year? Looking to make some money while doing it? Bovada has got you covered with a 50% Welcome Bonus. You’ll just need to make a deposit into the cashier and you’ll instantly receive a 50% welcome bonus worth up to $250. This bonus is only redeemable on your first deposit and cannot be redeemed at any other time.

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Types Of Wagers You Can Place On Colorado

Air Force Betting OddsThey say football is a game of inches, with each yard playing a major factor in the outcome of the game before it gets to crunch time situations. On the gridiron, you have various plans and method to win the game and the same can be said for sports gambling. Bettors can place very different types of wagers for the same football game and get very different results. The end result will depend on how the game is played and how many points are scored. In this article, we are going to go over three primary types of wagers that you can use for Falcon’s games. Betting straight-up, betting the point spread, and betting on the over/under.

Betting On Air Force Straight Up

If you are looking for a simple and straight forward type bet, then this is what you are looking for. Betting straight up means the wager is focused on a win or loss only, there are no other factors involved. This is the simplest type of bet that you can have. It’s similar to the type of bets you may place playfully between a friend at home while watching a game. This bet is also called the moneyline because the bettor will see how much money he has to spend to make a certain amount.

Air Force Straight Up Example

  • Air Force (-110)
  • Army (+135)/li>

Betting The Air Force Point Spread

The point spread is one of the more popular forms of sports wagering. The favorite in the matchup will have to win the game by more than the handicap number they’ve been given by the oddsmakers. The underdog, or the team that oddsmakers think is at the disadvantage, will have to either win the game or lose by less than whatever handicap the oddsmakers gave them. This form of wagering can create a bigger payout if the bettor’s underdog team beats the favorite. Bettors can make a large sum of money this way if their underdog bet pans out.

Air Force Point Spread Example

Air Force Vs. Army

  • Air Force 13 (+160)
  • Army +13 (-130)

Betting On Air Force Over/Under

Betting the over/under is a type of wager that accounts for the combined total score of the game between two teams. This wager does not involve winning or losing, and the bettor does not have to worry about a certain team winning or winning by a specified margin of victory. The only thing the bettor will be concerned about is picking whether the final combined score of the game is over or under the score that the bookies chose.

Air Force Over/Under Example

Air Force Vs. Army

  • Over 35 Points (+200)
  • Under 35 Points (-160)

Air Force Player Prop Bets

While the previous bets focused on the teams as a whole, this text type of wager focuses on the individual player. A prop bet is a wager that focuses on an individual players performance rather than the team as a whole. These types of bets come in big varieties and can be found at your online offshore sportsbooks. They can range from things like if a running back will over or under 200 yards for the evening, or if a defensive back will over or under 2 picks on the day. Prop bets can come in all shapes and sizes. Here is an example below.

Air Force Player Prop Example

A Defensive Backs Total Interceptions Vs. Army

  • Over 2 Int. (-130)
  • Under 2 Int. (+170)

Air Force Team Prop Bets

Air Force Prop bets deal with either the entire team itself or certain sections of the team like running backs or another grouped position. The bet functions the same way as player prob bet would except its for a team or grouped position. This bet can come in handy when you know of a strong position on a team like the linebackers or defensive line. Team prop bets may require a bit more research than your standard straight up bet or over/under bet. This type of wager is also offered on online offshore sportsbooks. Here’s an example of a team prop bet.

Betting On Air Force With Your Phone

The United States is only getting more saturated with technology and sports betting in Blackhawk is no different. The need to be on the go and bets on your favorite sports can be satisfied with mobile betting. Online offshore sportsbooks like Bovada and 5Dimes offer a mobile version on their sportsbooks that can be used on iPhone, Android, and any other mobile device with a good internet connection and browser. All you need to do is log onto their website through your phones mobile browser and it will instantly take you to the sportsbook’s mobile compatible website.

Live In-Game Betting on Air Force

Games can get pretty tense in Falcon stadium, and maybe you decided to watch it on TV for a change and see it real-time. There’s a type of gambling just for you about that. It’s called live betting. With live betting, you can bet on things happening in the game in real time with constantly changing odds. You can live bet using regulated online offshore sportsbooks like Bovada and 5Dimes. College football matchups available for live betting may change depending on the team rankings so make sure to check with an online offshore sportsbook to see if your team is available to be bet on live.

Betting on Air Force FAQ’S

Betting on Air ForceIs It Legal To Bet On The Air Force?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the Air Force as long as you do it through one of the regulated offshore online sportsbooks that we’ve recommended. These sportsbooks are outside of Colorado legal jurisdiction, so you can bet on the Air Force without any fear of penalty. Colorado voters will also have the ability to approve sports betting on the ballot this year. If that happens retail sportsbooks in the state will be allowed to open and those same locations would be able to offer statewide mobile betting apps. However, whether or not voters approve the measure, the use of online offshore options will still be a legal and safe way to put action on the Air Force Falcons.

Will These Online Sportsbooks Steal My Money?

No, betting on sites such as MyBookie, Bovada, and SportsBetting are all perfectly safe and secure. These sites would not exist right now if they were fraudulent or thieves. These sites have been trusted sportsbooks for years and will not steal your money. These sites handle large sums of money often and are reliable and worthy of your trust.

What Is The Age Requirement To Bet On The Air Force?

The online sportsbooks that we’ve recommended each have an age requirement on their sites. Colorado residents must be at least 21 years-old to bet in a casino, and we advise that you wait until you are 21 or older before you bet on sports online just to be safe.

Can I Use More Than One Sports Betting Site?

Yes, you can sign-up to as many sports betting sites as you’d like. There is no limit to how many you can sign up with. Between the different sites that we’ve recommended, you can take advantage of the book’s diverse offers. Some sportsbooks offer bigger welcome bonuses than others, and some have more options for deposit methods than others. Feel free to sign-up to multiple ones to take advantage of the offers.

Can I Live Bet On The Air Force?

Yes, but only if the Air Force games are available on the offshore sportsbooks live betting section. Live betting options may only be offered for games with primetime television spots or for bowl games. Double check on your sportsbooks sites to see which football games are available so you can catch the Falcon’s when their live betting option is ready.