Sports Betting For Colorado Residents

Colorado legalized sports betting in 2019, but the sportsbooks themselves didn’t open until May 1, 2020. Since that time, Colorado’s sports betting market has blossomed, with 33 retail casinos offering sports betting in the state.  Colorado residents betting on sports can bet at state-licensed sportsbooks in Colorado, as well as their online affiliates.

Many sports bettors in the state still use the online sportsbooks located outside of it, for various reasons. These reasons tend to include better available odds or more and different lines. Having looked through the various laws and statutes, we have figured out that there is no real law banning online gambling in Colorado - sports gambling or otherwise. As long as a sports wagering site follows certain rules, it can function legally. Later on, in this article, we’ll give you some websites where you can partake in online sports gambling in a safe and secure way.

Best Colorado Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Colorado Residents

Instead of using the state-licensed books, you can always use the international online sportsbooks. There are plenty of sports betting sites that currently accept American gamblers. This includes residents of Colorado. We have been hunting out the best of these options in order to bring our players a fair and legitimate gaming experience. We have played through and tested out a number of different gambling sites in order to locate where you can safely bet. There are no sub par gambling sites on our list, as we have only chosen the best of the best.

Bovada - Place Bets On Your Phone Computer Or Tablet

Bovada SportsbookColorado, home of the Broncos and now famously the first state to legalize recreational Marijuana, is a bastion of forward thinking and loud and proud sports fans. Those that are looking to get in on some safe and profitable wagering action need look no further than Bovada. This site has been around for more than two decades and has gained national acclaim from the likes of CBS Sports and CNBC. You will not find a more reputable site on the web for wagering real money on sports. Join the site today for free, and see why so many Colorado residents are raving about Bovada.

If you have never experienced the exhilarating rush of live betting, get ready for a mind-blowing experience. Bovada offers the best live betting feature we have ever seen on an online sportsbook. This feature allows you to wager on all the intricate details of a game as it is played out in real time. You can bet on small aspects, such as whether or not the next free throw will make it in, or you can wager on the outcome of the game as the odds update before your eyes. Check out Bovada’s live betting to take part in this amazing new feature.

SportsBetting - Bonuses On Every Deposit You Every Make

SportsBetting SportsbookWhen not enjoying the vivid landscape of Colorado’s mountains, forests, high plains, and desert lands, lucky sports fans can wager on their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes with SportsBetting. This site comes with a great reputation that is completely warranted as far as we are concerned. Industry-best lines and odds come at you faster than most of the competitors, giving you a profitable edge up. The sportsbook is fantastically intuitive to explore, which is something many other muddled and complicated sportsbooks are lacking. Colorado residents will find that SportsBetting is worth its weight in gold.

The technological age of today is all about convenience, and SportsBetting knows how to stay ahead of the times. The site now offers a Mobile Sports Betting App that revolutionizes the way people wager. You can access the entire site from your iPhone, Android, Tablet, or whatever else you have that has an internet connection. Having these kinds of options in the palm of your hand is astounding, and you can get it all for free by joining SportsBetting today.

BetOnline - Bet On Sports From The Office

BetOnline SportsbookWhen President Ulysses S. Grant signed Colorado into the union, the prospect of a complicated series of tubes that connects everyone together was the stuff of mysticism and witchery. Now sites like BetOnline are blowing our current minds with the number of sports wagering features and amazing bonuses that were not possible less than a decade ago. BetOnline has been a prominent name in the sports wagering industry since 1991 and has continued to grow and expand with the rise of the internet. Now, this site is considered a top-tier sports wagering site, and Colorado residents can join for free.

If you sign up at BetOnline soon you will be eligible to receive an amazing reward. The BetOnline Welcome Bonus will give new players an extra 50% on top of their first deposit. This is worth up to $1,000 in sports free plays and can be used to wager on the entire sportsbook. Just enter the promo code BOL1000 into the cashier at checkout. We suggest Colorado residents sign up now before this promotion disappears!

Live In-Game Betting In Colorado

Since Colorado approved sponsored sports betting in 2020, it is only right that CO bettors learn to take advantage of all that is available to them. One of the best modern advancements to sports betting has been the expansion of live in-game betting. Live betting is simply the ability to place bets on games while they occur. Before technology evolved a bit more, bettors had to have their bets in before the game began or risk being locked out. Any live betting was hard to track and was overall unsatisfactory. Everything is different nowadays, as all of the online sportsbooks have full live betting suites for almost every major sport they offer. These live odds shift and change as the action in the game unfolds. If the Broncos score a touchdown, you can check the live odds to see the moneyline and spread move. Live betting presents a whole new angle to betting but also to watching the game.

Mobile Sports BettingMobile Sportsbooks In Colorado

Mobile betting has become one of the most necessary and popular features to take over the sports betting world. Those in Colorado have the benefit of using the sportsbook apps provided by the in-state retailers as well as the online sportsbooks mobile sites. All of the online betting sites we feature here on our site have a mobile feature that is great for fans that are always on the move. When you are never home its always on the move you can use this feature that makes things much easier. Your phone can do it all and now with being able to access your betting account, you can make money on it now. This means there is no rush to go back home and get to a laptop. Just download the app, or log in to your online sportsbook via your device’s internet browser. Colorado's professional sports teams to bet on make online gambling sites the best place to make sure you will not miss anything.

Legal College Football Betting

Whether you pull for the Colorado Buffaloes when you bet, the Colorado State Rams or even bet on the Falcons of the Air Force Academy, the industry’s sportsbooks have got you covered when it comes to offering the best legal college football betting odds to be had anywhere. Head to your local Colorado sportsbook to check out the odds, or log on to sports betting sites like Bovada, BetOnline, or SportsBetting. The college football offseason is always tumultuous, and presents a lot of good chances for futures betting on various teams in the state of Colorado.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Colorado?

Colorado’s sportsbooks launched in May of 2020, and they’ve been up and running ever since, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. After much prior debate, the Colorado State Legislature approved laws making sports gambling legal in Colorado in 2019, but the sportsbooks themselves took some time to get open. Sports betting is legal in person at brick and mortar sportsbooks, and online through those businesses’ platforms. Sports betting residents of Colorado may now head down to their local sportsbook and place wagers on all of your favorite teams or even engage in Colorado horse race betting.

Colorado Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Sports betting is legal in Colorado as of May 1st, 2020, and it’s up and running. This means that bettors can use any of the approved platforms to wager on sports in the state of Colorado, both at online and retail sportsbooks. The federal laws that cover online sports betting are focused on the domestic providers of sports betting, which means that many offshore sites operate with impunity in Colorado as well. This simply means that the sites that some Colorado residents use will not be centered in America, instead, they operate out of places like Canada and the UK. Anyone in Colorado can use these sites without fear of criminal action from the state or the feds.

Legal Gambling Age For Colorado Residents

In order to hit the odds, you will have to attain your 21st birthday. There are no exceptions to this. If you attempt to gamble without first reaching the age limit you will end up losing your money as these gambling sites will generally confiscate your funds.  Once Colorado players are over 21, they're free to bet on their favorite teams.

Land Based Gambling In Colorado

Now that voters have approved Colorado sports betting, they will most likely see sportsbooks open at Ameristar Casino, Black Diamond Casino, Black Hawk Station Casino, Bronco Billy's Casino, Bull Durham Saloon and Casino, Bullpen Casino, Bullwhackers Casino, Canyon Casino, Century Casino & Hotel, Colorado Grande Gaming Parlor, Creeker's Gaming Hall, Dan Cooper's Eureka! Casino, Doc Holliday Casino, Dostal Alley Brewpub & Casino, Double Eagle Hotel & Casino, Easy Street, Famous Bonanza, Fitzgeralds Blackhawk, Fortune Valley Hotel & Casino, Gilpin Hotel Casino, Gold Rush Hotel & Casino, Golden Gates Casino, Golden Gulch Casino, Imperial Hotel Casino, Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel, J.P. McGills Hotel & Casino, Johnny Nolon's Casino, Lady Luck Casino & Hotel, Lodge Casino at Blackhawk, Mardi Gras Casino, Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino, Red Dolly Casino, Riviera Casino in Blackhawk, and Scarlet's Casino. Betting in Blackhawk will be a priority, as will betting in Cripple Creek.

Surprisingly, there are many casinos in the state of Colorado despite the fact that they are limited to only three towns. While slots, table games, and poker, can be found in these casinos, you will also soon find a sportsbook.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Colorado

1) How can I be so sure these gambling sites are safe?

Each site we recommend – be that Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or BetDSI - is regulated by various government agencies in their home countries. Our most trusted and recommended sites are kept completely secure for the interests of the players.

2) What consequences exist for gambling underage?

You can face potential consequences such as being banned or having your funds confiscated. We advise that you wait out the necessary years until you are of age and can gamble legally without any fear of looking over your shoulder or behind your back for law enforcement.

3) Are these gambling sites licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming?

No. They are generally licensed in Costa Rica, Canada, Panama or the United Kingdom, as well as other countries in Europe and the Caribbean region. These sites are all offshore, so they are outside of Colorado legal jurisdiction.

4) What safeguards are in place to protect my identity?

Your identity will be kept safe through encryption, offline databases and secure transactions. This variety of safety options will differ depending on which offshore online sportsbook you use. The ones we’ve mentioned so far such as Bovada and MyBookie are all safe to use.

5) Can I use a credit or debit card to fund my betting account?

Yes. A credit or debit card can be used to load money into your betting accounts. However, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Cardano have largely supplanted credit and debit cards as the preferred means of adding funds to your wagering account. There are simply too many advantages in terms of security, speed and reliability to overlook using cryptocurrency whenever you want to put funds in your bankroll at Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie.

6) Are there any federal laws that make it illegal to bet on sports in Colorado over the Internet?

No. Federal laws only prohibit accepting bets. That means that, provided you are not actually in the business of taking action on sports or run a sports betting operation based domestically without state licensure, that you are in the clear to place bets wherever will legally take your money.

7) Can I phone in my wagers if I would rather not use the Internet?

Yes. You can phone in bets through various sportsbooks. However, you can also use any of our most trusted sites' legal mobile sports wagering apps for the purpose, and it is much easier and faster to do. Take your sports betting hobby with you anywhere by downloading the free mobile app for either Android or Apple devices at Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI or MyBookie.

8) Is there a charge for using my credit or debit card for depositing into a sportsbook?

Some sportsbooks may charge you a fee in order to make sure that your payment will be made. This will depend on the offshore online sportsbook though. We recommend that you check your favorite online sportsbooks site to learn their deposit details before placing your bet.

9) Where can I read the various laws related to gambling in Colorado?

We recommend checking the Colorado State government website for any laws related to gambling in the state.

10) What does the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act do if it is not a crime to gamble online?

The UIGEA simply makes it so certain aspects of the gambling industry can be held accountable for money laundering. The law mainly targets banking institutions and holds them accountable for transferring money to and from and unregulated website. The people using the website are not targeted by this law.