Cripple Creek Sportsbooks

Cripple Creek, Colorado, is a lot of things: a peek into small-town Colorado life from years gone by, a historical site of interest (the town sits on one of Colorado’s most famous former gold mining camps and is a National Historic Landmarks and a major gambling destination. Although there are no fewer than 14 casinos lining the main street of this town, which is located just over an hour away from the much larger city of Colorado Springs, of only a shade over a thousand people, there are no Cripple Creek sportsbooks – yet. That is because betting on sports is still a tightly regulated activity in the Centennial State, which only just approved an expansion of legal gambling to include casino games and other Class III wagering in 1991.

However, the possibility at least now exists for there to be a substantial change in the state’s policy through sports betting, seeing as the US Supreme Court returned a watershed majority decision to overturn the widely unpopular Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). That federal law, the real-world efficacy of which was proven to be of somewhat dubious nature by the ascendance of the leading legal offshore sports betting websites Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI and MyBookie, which have been serving as the de facto sportsbooks in Cripple Creek, CO, of note for at least two decades in most cases. Nevertheless, PASPA’s prohibitions prevented 46 of 50 states from passing laws of their own to legalize and regulate sports betting activities within their borders in a patently unconstitutional manner – a sad set of circumstances which hurt numerous states that already had legalized several other forms of gambling and were looking to expand into other avenues.

Now that PASPA is no more, and with the legal offshore sportsbooks in Cripple Creek firmly established as a backup, it looks like the state of Colorado is only a constitutional amendment and a voter referendum away from seeing its legal gambling markets expand to include sports betting in Colorado. That being said, the state legislature did act in that direction during the most recent legislative session, leaving the sports betting community with the opportunity to vote and approve the practice in this year’s upcoming ballot vote. Be that as it may, the future for Cripple Creek sportsbooks looks brighter than at any time in recent memory, and we are here to give you the lowdown as best we are able to in this guide to the best sportsbooks in Cripple Creek. There are also still sports betting options for you to take advantage of now as well which we will discuss throughout this guide.

Betting On The NFL In Cripple Creek

Super Bowl LogoDuring January of every year, betting on the NFL in Cripple Creek is where players will spend all their money and try to flip their checks. The big thing that players like about betting on NFL is how long the games are and how quick they can change. Live betting is crucial when it comes NFL games especially the tight ones. The Super Bowl is the biggest game that many will get involved in and having an online sportsbook account is what is needed during the NFL season. Keeping an account is what is best and will keep players coming back to the same spot to bet. Mobile betting and live betting are the top features that could be used on these online sportsbooks. The bonuses that are crucial and will also sometimes reward players money to play. A lot of games will be on these online sportsbooks and Super Bowl will be the best one offered.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Cripple Creek?

Before we get too deep into the weeds talking about the best sportsbooks in Cripple Creek (or, as the case might be, the lack thereof for the time being), we really ought to reiterate that sports betting is not currently legal in Cripple Creek, nor it is legal elsewhere in the Centennial State. As we previously mentioned, it would require an amendment to the state constitution before sports betting could become the next legal gambling activity in Colorado, and that would necessitate putting language to that effect on an upcoming ballot as a voter referendum. With millions of dedicated sports fans calling Colorado home, we do not honestly think that such a referendum would face too much difficulty in terms of passing, thus paving the way for the eventual adoption of legal sportsbooks in Cripple Creek, CO.

However, for the time being it would seem as though the only option for those looking to enjoy sports betting for Colorado residents it to check out any of our most trusted offshore sportsbooks in Cripple Creek, all of which are based in foreign countries and fall under the authority of the gaming regulatory bodies of those countries. What that means on practical everyday terms for our readers is that you can legally gain access to some of the best lines, the best variety of different odds, inherent security features, and reliable payouts and plenty of deposit methods, just like you would at a physical sportsbook anywhere in the world. The reason it is legal to visit and place wagers at any of our most trusted sites – those being Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI and 5Dimes – is because the state of Colorado does not specifically mention online wagering in its list of banned gambling activities, which gives you and these 100 percent legal overseas gambling businesses all the legal wiggle room both parties need to get you in on the action of picking winners.

Legal Minimum Age To Bet At Cripple Creek Sportsbooks

If voters give the go-ahead on this year’s upcoming ballot, the legal minimum age to bet at cripple creek sportsbooks will be 21 years old or older. This is the same age that is required to participate in any type of casino gambling in the state and it will only be the casinos that are able to operate sportsbooks in CO. The current online offshore sports betting sites that serve CO residents will accept players as young as 18 but we do not recommend that bettors from CO make an account that young. Instead, you will want to wait till meet the age of 21 in order to avoid any potential hassles in the future.

Does Cripple Creek Have An Online Sportsbook?

No, Cripple Creek does not have an online version of their sportsbook. The only books that are nearby are basically casinos. None of the books in this town offer sports betting in a list of their services to the public. If you are looking for an online sportsbook that is safe to use, we recommend using an offshore online sportsbook for your needs. An offshore online sportsbook can give you a wealth of options for betting on different sports as well. Since offshore books aren’t confined to a certain geographical area you have a broad array of sports options to wager on. We aren’t sure when state-based online sportsbooks will be coming to Cripple Creek, but odds are the opportunity is closer now than it was before federal laws blocked any sort of chance.

Best Sportsbooks In Cripple Creek

Although it is 100 percent the case that all the best sportsbooks in Cripple Creek are not based anywhere close to the Centennial State in any real sense of geographical location, you can easily access legal offshore sports betting outlets such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI and MyBookie no matter where you are in Colorado. These sites are not only the most secure out there and among the most reliable when it comes to making deposits and collecting your winnings, and also in terms of the odds and individual betting lines on offer. While these industry leading sites are the only way for our readers to legally place wagers on sports in Colorado at this time, that may not always be the case – provided that the state’s legislature can get a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution on an upcoming voter referendum and even then, it will be contingent upon support from the voting public.

Whatever the case might be considering the future of sports betting in Colorado, we definitely agree that there are dozens of high-quality casino properties and other gambling locations dotting the landscape in the Centennial State that would make excellent sportsbooks in Cripple Creek and beyond. As far as the potential sportsbooks in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, of which Cripple Creek – a much smaller city – is concerned, we have selected what we think are a good representation of just a few of the leading types of Class III casinos you are likely to find on a visit to this part of the state. In the next few sections, pay attention to the areas we outline as to why these would easily make ideal locals’ favorite sportsbooks in Cripple Creek.

Century Casino & Hotel Sportsbook

Century Casino & Hotel

  • Century Casino & Hotel
  • Type: commercial land based casino and hotel
  • Location: Cripple Creek, CO
  • Address: 200-220 East Bennett Avenue, Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813-9609
  • First Opened: 1996
  • Number of Rooms: approximately 19 guest rooms and 2 suites
  • Total Gaming Space: 45,000 square feet (975 slot machines, 6 poker tables and 15 table games - video poker, slot machines, roulette, craps, black jack, baccarat, keno, etc.)
  • Best Restaurants: Mid City Grille
  • Owner: Century Casinos, Inc.
  • Phone Number: (719) 689-0333

Formerly known as Womacks Casino & Hotel after the man (one Robert Miller “Bob” Womack) who first discovered gold in the Cripple Creek area, setting off the Colorado gold rush that captivated the public in the late 19th century, the Century Casino & Hotel is aptly named. First opening its doors in 1996, this decently sized casino makes use of several historic buildings and hotels along the main street of downtown Cripple Creek and today boasts a total gaming space of more than 45,000 square feet, into which is crammed fully 1,000 gaming stations. All your favorite casino games are represented at the Century Casino & Hotel, whether you prefer to play cards or pull a slot machine handle.

However, this casino property is pretty much just for the hardcore gambling set: there are relatively few hotel rooms (only 21, and that counts two suites, which are luxuriously appointed at least) and only one restaurant, so you are really going to have to love gambling to spend much time here. That said, the addition of one of Cripple Creek’s first sportsbooks would certainly add a new dimension to the casino, and probably drive a good deal of more foot traffic and, ultimately, add substantially to the bottom line. The Century Casino & Hotel is far from a struggling establishment, but if it started offering one of the best sportsbooks in Cripple Creek or became for many the first Colorado Springs sportsbook it could really change the game.

Bronco Billy’s Casino Sportsbook

Bronco Billy’s Casino

  • Bronco Billy’s Casino
  • Type: commercial land based casino and motel
  • Location: Cripple Creek, CO
  • Address: 233 E Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, CO 80813
  • First Opened: 1992
  • Number of Rooms: 200 rooms
  • Total Gaming Space: 9,000 square feet (approximately 800 gaming stations – 800 traditional and video slots, plus approximately 10 gaming machines – video poker, 3 card poker tables, roulette, craps, black jack, baccarat, keno, etc.)
  • Top Attractions: Pioneer Rom event space – banquet pricing available, live music venue ever Saturday evening from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Best Restaurants: Home Café, Baja Billy’s Restaurant & Cantina, Bronco Billy’s Steakhouse, The Crippled Cow pub and pizza place
  • Owner:Full House Resorts, Inc.
  • Phone Number: (719) 689-1242

Though Bronco Billy’s Casino first opened its doors way back in 1992, it was purchased fairly recently by Full House Resorts, Inc. of Nevada for the princely sum of $30 million, who substantially overhauled and renovated the facilities. Combining cutting edge gaming machines with the historic charm and modern hotel accommodations, the level of conveniences at the legendary Imperial Hotel and the top-rated steakhouse in southern Colorado, it is no wonder why Bronco Billy’s was voted the best casino by the Colorado Springs Gazette for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Things really pop off on Saturday night when hot local and regional bands provide live entertainment, but the gambling action is going on pretty much nonstop at the somewhat cozy gaming floor that totals out at just 9,000 square feet.

Unlike some of its competitors, Bronco Billy’s main draws are its other attractions like the live music venue and its excellent restaurants, all local favorites that are worth the drive in their own right. However, we feel that the addition of a sports betting lounge might really represent the tipping point for this kind of time-honored establishment, giving it that last little edge over its rivals. If Bronco Billy’s was to become one of the first sportsbooks in Cripple Creek, we do not see how it wouldn’t soon be one of the best Cripple Creek sportsbooks and casinos out there.

Brass Ass Casino Of Cripple Creek Sportsbook

Brass Ass Casino Of Cripple Creek

  • Brass Ass Casino Of Cripple Creek
  • Type: Native American tribal land based casino and motel
  • Location: Cripple Creek, CO
  • Address: 256 E. Bennett Ave Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813
  • First Opened: June 22, 1995
  • Number of Rooms: 200
  • Total Gaming Space: 2,600 square feet (266 slot machines, 11 table game, poker and table games roulette, craps, black jack, baccarat, keno, etc., plus the Midnight Rose Poker Room – 2 high limit poker tables)
  • Best Restaurants: Dynamite Dick’s – casual food breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, The Miner’s Pick – snacks, sandwiches, salads, coffee, etc., The Down Under – white tablecloth fine dining, Pint & Platter Irish Pub
  • Owner: Triple Crown Casinos, Inc.
  • Phone Number: 843-249-9811

As the oldest – and certainly the best named - casino in Cripple Creek, the Brass Ass Casino of Cripple Creek has all the features that a real history buff would love to see in their gaming venue of choice. With a decently sized but still intimate gaming space of just 2,600 square feet, the Brass Ass nevertheless squeezes in several hundred gambling stations and slot machines and ties everything together with a vintage street scene decorative theme that includes western building facades and the original Cripple Creek lighted sign that first directed visitors into town. The Brass Ass is equally well equipped with fine places to eat, from more budget-friendly choices like the equally well named Dynamite Dick’s café (which is totally appropriate for kids, if you have any, despite the cheeky name on the board) and the Pint & Platter, the city of Cripple Creek’s only authentic Irish pub.

However, even with all these advantages, we still think it would be a solid investment if Triple Crown Casinos, the company that owns the Brass Ass Casino & Hotel, started looking into opening one of the first sportsbooks in Cripple Creek at their highly desirable location on the main drag through the middle of town. Sure, in order for that to happen it would mean that the Centennial State’s legislature had passed a law to legalize sports betting for Colorado residents, but that is not too farfetched of an idea, considering that PASPA has been stricken down by the US Supreme Court and that the issue will be on this year’s ballot. Additionally, the two decades or more of success enjoyed by the legal offshore sportsbooks in Cripple Creek (those sites being Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and 5Dimes) speaks volumes about the support that sports wagering has with locals and visitors. We think the Brass Ass could easily make the transition into becoming one of the locals’ favorite sportsbooks in Cripple Creek if given the opportunity.