Black Hawk Sportsbooks

Located just 50 minutes from downtown Denver, the much smaller town of Black Hawk – with an estimated population of literally fewer than 200 people – is indeed the least populous city in the entirety of the state of Colorado. With that in mind, perhaps it will not come as too much of a surprise if we tell you there are no Black Hawk sportsbooks in operation at this time. Even if the city is home to a robust and active casino industry with no fewer than 18 casino properties and the most slot machines in one place in the whole state, the fact remains that the Centennial State will need to pass a constitutional amendment if it wants to legalize sports betting for Colorado residents.

However, the possibility for Sports betting in Colorado eventually occurring is now stronger than it has been for decades thanks to the momentous 6-3 majority decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) as a ruling on the case brought against the longstanding law by the state of New Jersey. PASPA had for more than a quarter of a century prevented 46 of the 50 states from passing laws to legalize and regulate sports wagering activities, and Colorado was definitely one of those states affected by the ban. Now that PASPA is no longer in effect, there has been a substantial groundswell of support for broader legalization in states across the country, and that definitely includes Colorado. After a signature from CO Governor Jared Polis, the issue will now be put on the ballot for voters to decide whether or not they want to see sports betting operated in their state. If approved, sportsbooks would be allowed to open in only three towns and one of them includes Black Hawk.

In the meantime, if you want to get access to a sports betting outlet that is just as good functionally speaking as any land-based option, then you should check out the legal offshore sportsbook sites Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and 5Dimes. These sites have odds selection that is superior to even the most established casino sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip, so there is no need to worry about missing out on the real action, but there are also details like the emphasis on security and safety for United States users as well as reliable and speedy deposits and withdrawals that are worth your consideration. Even if sports betting never becomes legal in Colorado (an outcome we do not think is very likely), you can rely on our most highly recommended sites to function as the best sportsbooks in Black Hawk by default, just as they have done for the better part of two decades in several instances.

Super Bowl Betting Options In Blackhawk

Super Bowl LogoThere are a lot of sports that fans love to watch but football is the one that many players like to bet on while watching. The last Super Bowl brought so much attention this only means that more players will participate in betting on the Super Bowl in Blackhawk and other events surrounded this upcoming year. Blackhawk players know that the land-based sportsbooks have a lot to offer but online sportsbooks is the top option that many players need to talk about. Signing up doesn’t take long and the banking methods are safe to transfer money on to the sites. There is also bonuses offered on these sites as well. The fact is, the best place for players to bet on the Super Bowl is the online sportsbooks. This is where all the big money bets will be at and this is the place to be for all bettors that are 18 and older.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Black Hawk?

The first thing you should be aware of when it comes time to begin your search for sportsbooks in Black Hawk in earnest is this: sports betting is not currently legal in Black Hawk, nor will you be able to find a legal sports betting outlet based anywhere else in the Centennial State for that matter. This is an unfortunate consequence of what could be perceived to be an oversight on the part of the state’s lawmakers, who, around 1991, approved the legalization of Class III casino-style gambling did not include a provision to allow sports betting at the same time. What that means in practical terms is that the only way it would be possible for the state of Colorado to authorize or regulate the operation of sportsbooks within its borders is if a constitutional amendment can pass via a voter referendum.

If we are being honest, we do not think it would be too difficult for such a referendum to pass muster with the voting population of Colorado, which is, as can be gathered from even a cursory glance at the big names among its many sports teams (do the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Rockies come to mind?) is heavily inundated with die-hard sports fans. That is, after all, the way in which the legal offshore sportsbook sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and 5Dimes came to fill the niche of acting as the de facto Black Hawk sportsbooks, and, in many ways, dominate the legal sports betting market across the US. That is also the case even in states that have already legalized sports wagering in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn PASPA, and, if the sports gambling regulators of Colorado are not careful when crafting their eventual sports betting regulatory framework, these overseas-based sites will continue to account for the majority of the business in this sector of the broader gambling marketplace.

Legal Minimum Age To Bet At Black Hawk Sportsbooks

Even though there are no legal Black Hawk sportsbooks as of this writing, the minimum age to bet at Black Hawk Sportsbooks has already been decided. If voters approve sports wagering on the upcoming ballot, the legal age will be set at 21 years old or older. This is the same age as any casino gambling in the state and is fitting since the only locations that are allowed to offer sportsbooks are the state’s casinos. Online offshore sports betting sites that are accepting CO residents right now have a minimum age requirement of only 18, however, we recommend that you wait till you’re 21 before you try to use these sites. It is the best way to ensure that you don’t run into any trouble down the line.

Can I Bet On My Phone In Black Hawk?

You have multiple ways you can place your bets in Black Hawk and using your phone is one of them. When you have your mobile device on you and you can access the internet, online gambling sites will have a feature that you can use that will let you place your bets from your iPhone or Android. This means you don’t have to be sitting next to a computer and on top of that players don’t need to download an app in order to have access to their account on any of these gambling sites. Once you have clicked on the site in the browser it will direct you right to the mobile version and that is where you can place your bets. This makes things easier for residents in Black Hawk.

Can I Do Live Betting In Black Hawk?

Yes, you can do live betting in Black Hawk if you bet through an offshore online sportsbook. The ones we’ve mentioned on this page offer live betting for people eager to gamble on sports in the moment. SportsBetting is a prime online sportsbook that offers live betting for its players.

Does Black Hawk Have Online Sportsbooks?

The only online sportsbooks that Black Hawk residents can access without the risk of penalty are offshore online sportsbooks. There are currently no state-based online sportsbooks in Black Hawk. The only online sportsbooks you can use right now are the offshore ones. Colorado has not made any laws concerning online sportsbooks based in the State yet, but that will change if voters decide to approve the gambling activity on this year’s upcoming ballot.

When Will Black Hawk Have In-State Online Sports Betting?

The first step to achieve in-state online sports betting in Black Hawk will be for voters to approve the gambling expansion on this year’s upcoming ballot in November. After that regulators, casinos, and sports betting vendors will have to get to work to build an online sports betting site which could take months. Our best guess is that they will be available sometime in 2020. Sports gambling legalization is spreading across the United States and Colorado may be in that number soon, but right now they are still on the waiting list like the majority of the United States.

Can I Call In Bets From Black Hawk?

Yes, if you call offshore sportsbooks like Bovada that accept telephone wagers then you can call in bets from your phone. There are no places within Black Hawk or Colorado as a whole that accept telephone wagers so you’ll have to make your bets through the offshore online sportsbooks.

Best Sportsbooks In Black Hawk

You can probably guess what comes next at this point, but if not then here is the deal: all the best sportsbooks in Black Hawk are not actually going to be found anywhere in the historic small town just outside Denver, CO. In fact, all of Black Hawk’s (and Denver’s) best sportsbooks are found exclusively online at legal offshore sports betting websites serving US players, and of those cutting edge, industry leading sites, we think the ones offering the best sports betting for Colorado residents are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and 5Dimes.

However, be under no illusion on this point too – there are plenty (and we mean nearly 20) excellent casino properties in the Denver area in downtown Black Hawk, CO, that could easily make a transition into becoming the best sportsbooks in Black Hawk. All that is needed to happen before that can take place – theoretically of course – is for the state to pass a constitutional amendment to legalize sports betting in Colorado, and, honestly, it won’t be a hard sell with voters that love sports as much as fans of the Broncos and Nuggets. In the next few sections, we will take a closer look at a few of the casino properties on the main drag in Black Hawk and examine some of the particular reasons why we think there is a lot of untapped potential for these to become the locals’ favorite sportsbooks in Black Hawk.

Red Dolly Casino Sportsbook

Red Dolly Casino

  • Red Dolly Casino
  • Type: commercial land based casino
  • Location: Black Hawk, CO
  • Address: 530 Gregory Street, Black Hawk, CO 80422
  • First Opened: May 18, 1992
  • Number of Rooms: (none) not a hotel
  • Total Gaming Space: 2,200 square feet (126 slot machines)
  • Best Restaurants: Red Dolly Steakhouse - $5.99 prime rib special deal, various menu items prepared by award winning Chef Hermino
  • Owner: Luna Entertainment, Inc.
  • Phone Number: (303) 582-1100

The Red Dolly Casino is simultaneously Black Hawk’s smallest casino and possibly one of its most engaging as well, as it basically serves as a gateway between Colorado’s two most significant towns with a history of gambling – those being Black Hawk proper and the slightly less tiny Central City – and the biggest population center in the state – that being Denver. Even though the Red Dolly is packed with history and is located conveniently for guests interested in taking a stroll through the historic parks and streets of the even more historic town, those visitors and locals purely interested in gambling amusements probably should look elsewhere, even if the staff does a great job of making you feel welcome and well taken care of. There is only so much that even the best TLC can do for a gambling enthusiast when there are only 120 slot machines and not table games or card stations to speak of, not to mention this is not one of the sportsbooks in Black Hawk yet either. In fact, we tend to think that the addition of a sports betting outlet here would do wonders for the smallest casino in a small town – one that is packed with history but not much in the way of gambling opportunities.

The Lodge Casino At Black Hawk Sportsbook

The Lodge Casino At Black Hawk

  • The Lodge Casino At Black Hawk
  • Type: commercial land based casino
  • Location: Black Hawk, CO
  • Address: 240 Main Street / POB 50, Black Hawk, Colorado 80422
  • First Opened: June 24, 1998
  • Number of Rooms: (none) not a hotel
  • Total Gaming Space: 2,200 square feet (979 slot machines, 9 blackjack tables, 22 poker tables, 2 craps tables, 2 roulette tables
  • Best Restaurants: Timberline Grille, Fireplace Kitchen, Waypost Deli, Centennial Buffet, Starbucks Coffee
  • Owner: Monarch Casino Resort, Inc.
  • Phone Number: (303) 582-0239

Somewhat confusingly, the Lodge Casino at Black Hawk is not actually a hotel, but here is what it is: a decently sized and fun gambling center to pass the time in the historic town of Black Hawk with plenty of good restaurants to enjoy that fit all budgets and just about every taste. The gaming floor plan of 2,200 square feet is not huge by any stretch – but then, none of the casinos in Black Hawk are exactly what you might call gigantic anyway, so that is not really a dig against the Lodge Casino at Black Hawk – but there are close to a thousand gaming stations, slot machines and card tables it is not like you will run out of things to bet on either. However, you will not be able to find any of the Black Hawk sportsbooks here at the Lodge Casino, and that is really a shame because this two-decade old gambling spot has got plenty to offer players and vacationers alike. Probably the only two real digs of note against the Lodge Casino at Black Hawk is the lack of a hotel for guests to stay at and the fact that, like every other casino property in the state of Colorado, it is not allowed to set up one of the first sportsbooks in Black Hawk.

Ameristar Casino & Hotel Sportsbook

Ameristar Casino & Hotel

  • Ameristar Casino & Hotel
  • Type: commercial land based casino and hotel
  • Location: Black Hawk, CO
  • Address: 111 Richman Street, Black Hawk, Colorado 80422
  • First Opened: December 20, 2001
  • Number of Rooms: 200 rooms and suites
  • Total Gaming Space: 57,000 square feet (1,500 slot machines, live blackjack pit with 14 tables, 18 poker tables in smoke free poker room, 3 live craps tables in the pit, 3 live roulette tables)
  • Best Restaurants: Fireside Kitchen, Waypost Deli, Centennial Buffet, Starbucks Coffee, Timberline Grill, Club 38
  • Owner: Ameristar Casinos, Inc.
  • Phone Number: 720.946.4000

The Ameristar Casino & Hotel is beyond a doubt the biggest and best casino in all of the historic city of Black Hawk, CO. With more than 200 rooms and suites in its lavishly appointed hotel, and with 57,000 square feet on the gambling floor and individual gaming stations well in excess of 1,500 slot machines, blackjack, craps, poker tables and so on, there is no shortage of opportunities to make a healthy load of winnings. The Ameristar Casino & Hotel has plenty of other attractions to offer, including plenty of restaurants (though none that are unique to this casino property) and even a spa with indoor and outdoor hot tubs, which most guests are sure to appreciate. At any rate, if the showrunners at the Ameristar really want to seal the deal on their property’s dominance of the thriving gambling market in the Black Hawk and Denver area, they will push for the ability to open what could easily become the first and best sportsbooks in Black Hawk.